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In Stock and In Control

When you are ready to build, we are ready to ship.

New England Thinstones maintains a large inventory of every standard item so you can expect quick turnaround on your order.

We specialize in custom work; each order is processed in a timely manner as we have the unique ability to control all aspects of the process - from procurement of the stone, to quality control and fulfillment, to delivery of the finished product via our own fleet of specialty trucks.

Best of all, long-distance shipping is more efficient because our product is thin by nature, enabling us to bring the warmth of authentic New England stone to all corners of the country.


200 sq. ft./pallet
100 sq. ft./pallet
50 sq. ft./pallet
8 sq. ft./box/tote

50 linear ft./pallet
8 linear ft./box/tote

Pallets Ready to Ship
Green Totes - An Industry First!

New England Thinstones is proud to introduce earth-friendly packaging to an industry that owes everything to Mother Nature. Our new recyclable totes come in two distinctive colors: flats are packaged in grey and corners in red.

To further accommodate our customers, we have established a network of dealers throughout the United States. Call today for more information on dealer locations near you or to find out how we can work directly with you from our Fairfield CT location.

Pallets Ready to Ship
Guide Specifications

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